The magical Use of Aloe Vera Plant

10개월 전

The drug Aloes is one of the safest and stimulating purgatives, in higher doses may act as an abortifacient. Its action is exerted mainly on the large intestine; also it is useful as a vermifuge. The plant is emmenagogue, emollient, stimulant, stomachic, tonic and vulnerary.
Extracts of the plant have antibacterial activity.
images (3).jpgThe clear gel of the leaf makes an excellent treatment for wounds, burns and other skin disorders, placing a protective coat over the affected area, speeding up the rate of healing and reducing the risk of infection. To obtain this gel, the leaves can be cut in half along their length and the inner pulp rubbed over the affected area of skin. This has an immediate soothing effect on all sorts of burns and other skin problems.

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