Simple Bean Cake Easy To Make

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Simple Bean Cake Easy To Make
The hot cake, hot colors, attractive. Comes with a cup of spicy, slightly spicy sauce, which adds to the delicious taste of the traditional dishes of the ancient capital.

Simple cakes are easy to make

  • 100g rice flour, 15g flour, 500ml cold water (if too thick you can mix)

  • 200g shrimp, chili, green onion, fish sauce, sugar, salt, cashew oil, pig skin.


  • Mix the two powders together, add a little salt, add water and stir. Leave the mixture for 4 hours in advance to make the flour more tender. Before pouring the cake, you put the water on the face, giving it a warm amount of water removed.

Simple cakes are easy to make

  • Put the dough on the steamed rice, steam the oil into the bowl. Cook the hot cup, stir the flour, pour the flour near the cup and then steamed. During steaming, remember to keep even fire, do not let the fire is too big or too small to make the cake uneven or resurrection (live).

Simple cakes are easy to make

  • Steam for about 7 minutes, open the lid to see the cake turned white opaque cake is cooked.

Simple cakes are easy to make

  • Pork skin you tear into small pieces and fry the gold.

Simple cakes are easy to make

  • Shrimp cut off beard, tails, washed and boiled. Remove shrimp shells, pound shrimp slightly (if you like to eat smooth puree). Place the pan on the stove, heat with little oil, then shrimps to dry with a little cashew nuts, salt.

Simple cakes are easy to make

  • Lice come dry shrimp, and yellow color is nice.

Simple cakes are easy to make

  • Scallions washed, chopped. Heat the pan with a little oil, wait for the oil to boil, then scallion, mix to make fat onion.

  • Shrimp boil for a moderate amount, add to the heat to cook sauce. When the boiled shrimp boiling water, mixed with fish sauce, sugar and stirred, tasted the sweet taste is sweet. Chop chili into thin slices to the surface of the sauce.

Simple cakes are easy to make

  • When eating, give a little head lice, pig skin swell, fat onion. Comes with a cup of sweet chili sauce.

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Simple Bean Cake Easy To Make
1200 Vermont St, San Francisco, CA 94110, USA

Simple Bean Cake Easy To Make
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