Brios Cafe Budapest - Delicious Coffee!



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Brios Cafe Budapest - Delicious breakfast with very tasteful coffee blend

This morning I went to have breakfast at Brios Cafe in Budapest together with my daughter. I have never been to this cafe before, but their website looked promising. I'm a coffee lover, and I can appreciate a great coffee, especially in the morning. I especially love it when a cafe offers special blend coffees like Brios Cafe does. I ordered the cappuccino espresso blend and hoped I made the right choice. It was delicious! No regrets...

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Eggs benedict with salmon

I never ordered eggs benedict before, I've seen it on the menu in restaurants, but never really tried to find out what it was exactly. This time it was the eggs and salmon combination that I decided to just try and see what this was exactly. And I'm glad I did, this was a great combination and the egg was perfect.. I'm not sure what sauce they put on top of the egg, but I do know it was tasteful. I don't think I've had a tasteful breakfast like this before during my time in Budapest.

Brios cafe is located in the 13. District

It's very easy to find, just take the 4-6 tram and get out at Jászai Mari Tér. You just walk in the direction of the Mac Donalds, and I think it's about 500 meters in that street paralel at the Danube river. It's on your left. Very easy to find, and can't be missed.

I highly recommend you to visit this place when you're in town... I promise you won't regret it.


Restaurant Information

Brios Cafe
Budapest, Pozsonyi út 16, 1137 Hungary

Brios Cafe Budapest - Delicious Coffee!
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Wow looks delecious

beautiful coffee and nice place
Thanks for sharing