Toro, Otoro, Maguro - Best Fish

2개월 전

When i was in Japan i ate pretty much this fish all the time. In USA/EU i also try to eat this but its never as fresh and is way overpriced. But this is love.

Toro, Otoro, Maguro is all tuna but different parts and taste and even texture.

This time instead of my photography i show movie from Tsukiji market. I been there and ate fresh, just cut tuna. Amazing!

Chūtoro is the name for medium fatty tuna when served in sushi restaurant. A bluefin tuna yields akami, chūtoro, and ōtoro. Chūtoro is usually found near the skin on the back and belly. It combines the lighter but deep, slightly bitter flavor of an akami with the sweet tenderness of an ōtoro

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