Joe's Pizza - A Tasteem Review



Joe's Pizza is a favorite place for pizza, pasta, and sandwiches. They have a very nice atmosphere and tasteful decor.



The menu shows their selection of available pizzas, pastas, and sandwiches.



I usually order the pizza lunch special, which is a personal pizza with 2 toppings, a side salad and a drink for only $6.00. Today, since the catagory of this contest is pizza vs pasta, I decided to order a pasta dish - I chose Pasta Pomadoro - which is Angel Hair pasta, fresh tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and basil - served with a side salad and garlic bread.



Here's is the personal lunch pizza that one of my friends ordered - mushroom and green peppers for toppings.


Another friend chose not to have either pizza or pasta, she ordered the chicken chef salad.


In the question of pizza vs pasta, I'm going to have to vote for pizza. The pasta was good, but personally, I'd like the pizza better. Either one though, at Joe's you will get good food at a good price.

Restaurant Information

Joe's Pizza & Pasta
115 E Jefferson Ave, Effingham, IL 62401, USA

Joe's Pizza - A Tasteem Review
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Indeed, the pizza looks tempting rather than pasta. For the pasta, I think too much salad and that was not good.

So Im gonna vote pizza too 😊

Thanks for sharing with Tasteem.



Yes the salad was huge to have it followed by that big plate of pasta. I ate all the salad though and took the pasta home. Also the salad could have more ingredients, it was mostly just lettuce. They could have added some of that wonderful cheese!

I've been to this restaurant, Joe's is one of my favorite pizza places. Their sauce is a little sweeter than most. You can also get cauliflower crust here, cutting down on the carbs - but it's a little more expensive than the regular crust. They also have a really good crispy chicken breast sandwich on ciabatta bread. Good choice for a review.


Yes, I've tried the cauliflower crust. Unfortunately, they don't offer it with the lunch special or I'd get that every time. My husband likes that chicken breast sandwich too, but I almost always go for the pizza.

cheesesss, loads of cheeses.!!!
Love the pizza!!


Yes you can't have too much cheese!

I am always in for a tasty pizza!


Can't hardly go wrong with pizza, but they have a really good sauce. My favorite pizza is from Embers (I did a review on that too) and their Island Delight, which has pinepple and candian bacon!


That’s what we would call a pizza Hawaii!
Guess it has to do with the pineapple!
But Hawaii is an island so it could refer to that!
I do a good pizza prosciutto or salami! But it still has to be juicy with just enough oregano 😁
I know I am picky 😂

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That sounds really good too. I haven't made a homemade pizza in a while, but i have a recipe for cauliflower crust that I've been wanting to try.

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Now this place looks like the atmosphere that I could really enjoy!
And the food looks delicious!


I agree on both counts! And I forgot to mention the service, which was also great.

I like pizza too, but your pasta looks very good too. And so does the garlic bread. It looks like quite a big portion. The chicken on the salad looked good too. I would give this restaurant a try. It looks like there were quite a few people in there, that's always a good sign.


Yes it was pretty crowded at lunch time. We had a table of 6 so we had to wait for a few minutes to be seated. It was a big portion, I took most of it home!


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private pizza restaurant is not easy to find in malaysia thank to pizza hut and domino . not easy for me to cover them since most will cost a lot of money .


Sorry that you don't have more pizza choices! I'm not a fan of either Pizza Hut or Dominos, and besides that, they are chain restaurants so I wouldn't cover them in a review anyway. Maybe someday there will be a place near you to try this.

I love Joe's pizza! Their pizza is absolutely outstanding! But oddly my favorite meal from them is their grilled chicken sandwich. Every time I go to Joe's I say to myself I am going to have a pizza this time, but as soon as I get there I change my mind for that super delicious grilled chicken sandwich! I just can't help myself. So I guess I choose the grilled chicken over pizza and pasta lol. But normally my choice would be Pizza over Pasta.


I haven't ordered it myself, because I do always end up with the pizza, but I have sneaked a bite of someone else's and it is delicious, you are right!

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Really nice place and that pizza...salivating now..😋😋


Yep, it's a pretty good experience all around.

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Pizza is such tasty food. I love eating pizza but not daily as I dont want to gain weight. Nice review.


Thanks, yes it's not something I can eat every day either. Though they do offer cauliflower crust instead of the traditional bread crust, it's just not available on the lunch special.

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Looks like a great pizza! Now I'm hungry for lunch.
I also like the looks of the side salad


The side salad was just average, I like a little more "stuff" like some cheese or croutons. But it was ok.

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