A whole roast duck for $7

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Seriously, look at my title! I'm not trying to be funny! This is serious! I saw the banner there for 2 weeks, and finally I decided to take it to the next level. I've done a whole chicken, but a size of a mature duck is so much larger compare to a farmed chicken that has only 3 weeks to grow from egg to a full size slaughtered chicken!

Apologize on my camera doesn't work so well with low light. Once again, I need to clarify with the shop whether this is for real! And the captain confirmed, it is real! Only condition is, must finish the whole duck and eat in only! Take away subject to RM5 extra charge due to take away packaging. Regardless, since I made up my mind, I am going in!

If you're not a duck person, you can choose lunch sets from their promotion menu, came with one free Chinese tea. I will show you a little bit on this dish since the big girl doesn't wanna eat duck.

Restaurant is very clean and doesn't smells the ordinary funky smell. However, one thing you must anticipate, whenever there's enough Chinese stuffed in one place, it will be very loud. I have no idea why Chinese like to shout to each others, and worst of all when one is talking, the other person if they have an opinion, they will speak louder than the person who is speaking originally, and if it's disagreed, the original speaker will sound even louder just to prove a point that his/her speech is the whole truth. Now, multiply the sound volume by the number of people on one table, and power by the number of table in the restaurant, that's the amount of decibel you should expect. V E R Y L O U D !

Kitchen counter is glass plated, you can see them prepare your food there and then, so you should relief they do a proper job in keeping their kitchen tidy and up to standard!

The most expansive duck recipe from the Chinese traditional, is called Peking Duck. This is not Peking(Beijing), this is Malaysia! So we did it the local way, those duck are still being injected with air before sending to roast, so the skin will detached from the flesh. I will not say this is the best roast duck I've eaten before, but this is not far from the top 3 in my list! The only regret I have for myself is, I didn't bring enough people to enjoy this dish together with me. Trust me, if you're trying to finish the whole thing, you're going to be ended up suffer. The gravy is really fragrant and it should goes well with the butter rice they cooked. I can't have rice, as it seems like I was the one who is going to finish atleast 3/4 of the entire duck!

My big girl took this bowl of roast pork and BBQ pork rice with spinach, fried egg, and a piece of salted egg. I did tried some of the buttered rice, and it tasted marvelously good. The BBQ pork is a little hard since it's not fat, and the roast pork is seriously crunchy on the skin and tender on the meat! Can't miss this dish if you come alone and do not wish to stuff a whole duck into your stomach! One thing I need to highlight, the fresh cucumber probably gotten overheated in the kitchen, it's not cooling anymore, and it does taste like steamed cucumber. Seriously not nice.

Since the big girl doesn't like salted egg, my female tiger LazyMom taken over. How to judge whether a salted egg is good quality? It's simple, the yolk is supposed to be orange, some of the top grade egg, the yolk is so orange to an extend of looking a lot like crimson red! It's supposed to leak oil from the yolk, and the yolk itself does not turn into powder form. These are some general idea of the appearance to judge whether the egg is good. Since salted egg is marinated product, processed food, nobody can question on the freshness of the egg. But, generally, if it doesn't smells off, then we're good to go. Considering the two step verification, how orange it is, how oily it is, and from there you'll be able to justify whether are you going to eat it.

Restaurant Information

Museum Palace 茗悦阁
Damansara Jaya, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

A whole roast duck for $7
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Tasty food and good review


Thanks for the buuurrrp beer 😂