Good night coffee in a Husum Pub

6개월 전


Yesterday I was with a friend in Husum at a concert of the UK Subs. Since we didn't want to go home after the concert, we walked through the city to have a drink. The offer was not big, most restaurants were already closed. So we decided to go to the pub.



In front of the entrance door they even think about the dogs' thirst. I think this is a great service for the hot days.


Since smoking in restaurants and bars is prohibited in Germany, we were surprised that there was a lounge for smokers. So we went to the smoker lounge on the first floor.


We found it much nicer here than down at the bar. It was really cozy here and the seating was very comfortable. There one can surely celebrate with friends.



As we still had to drive by car, we decided to have a cup of coffee to cheer us up. The coffee tasted good, but it was nothing special. As a small addition there was a cookie. The price of € 2.70 was a good price for this time of day.


I think at the next visit there will be a cool dark Guinness.


Restaurant Information

Husum Pub
Schiffbrücke 5, 25813 Husum, Germany

Good night coffee in a Husum Pub
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