Fine coffee in the back room of an organic bakery

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When I was on holiday in Weilheim at Christmas time, I was able to visit many cafes which I had already reported about. About the cafe which I now present to you, I have especially remembered.



This small cafe is located in the back room of a bakery. There are only 5 small tables and a few chairs that fill the small room.


It is well visited and if someone goes, the table is also immediately occupied again.


The cafe is run by the organic wholefood bakery Schwarzmaier. This bakery has been known beyond the region for years for its climate-neutral baked goods.


The rolls, pretzels and breads are sold in the own branches and also in health food shops. All baked goods are wholesome, organically controlled and also produced in a climate-friendly way.


There is even a special gluten and yeast free bread for allergy sufferers.


The fact that a pretzel with butter goes with coffee is already a ritual in Bavaria. Certainly many people prefer a piece of cake with it, but my favourite is simply a pretzel with a small piece of butter on top.


The coffee is delicious, the cafe is cosy and I could sit here forever.


Restaurant Information

Vollwertbäckerei Schwarzmaier
Pöltnerstraße 5, 82362 Weilheim in Oberbayern, Germany

Fine coffee in the back room of an organic bakery
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The food looks great!

The coffee is delicious, the cafe is cosy and I could sit here forever.

Sounds great, but i prfer the sweet combination 😎