Toondol: The local favourite




A specially made ruti named toondool is very famous to the local people of bangladesh. There are some problems with oil based breakfast and other oil based food. Some of guys here, don't work much, so they can't burn their calories. So in that case oily foods are being avoided by lots here.


So in the context of avoiding oil, here local people choose this toondol for its food menu. Its made with atta but specially designed tawa.


One side is solid but the other side is puffed. Its oil free and just need to burn it directly in fire with special tawa. Thats technique makes it such unique.


I have tasted this local food couple of days ago. The ingredients are atta, water and baking soda. Thats it. I have tasted it with vegetables. Sometimes people taste it with tea or egg or dal or beef or chicken etc as well.

You need to spend only 20 to 50 cents for this meal. In breakfast and dinner, normally people choose this.


Its hygiene and tasty and very much needed oil free.

My rating for this food is 4.5/5
and for restaurant 3.5/5

Thats why its popular in locality here in Bangladesh.

Restaurant Information

Mukta Restaurant
Zorargonj, Bangladesh

Toondol: The local favourite
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