Dal Puri : The common street food

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Puri is very common and famous street food. During the break of lunch & dinner and breakfast and lunch, this is very famous street food.


You will find a lot of street store here for this fabolus dal puri. Due to long break between rich food, this light street food is enough.


Two puri is enough for the middle break hunger. You need not to spend much time and money for this. You will find it here and there, so saves time. Most of the cases it is already ready made. Just fry, cut and serve. It takes only 2-3 minutes to prepare fully before serve.


You can get a puri about by 10 cents of USD here in Bangladesh street stores and local restaurants. Depending upon the quality of the restaurant you may need to pay 25 to 50 cents. But in street 6-10 cents.


My ratting for this food taste is 4.5/5

Food quality 4/5

Service 4.5/5

Price 5/5

Environment 4/5

Restaurant Information

Ohi Cooling Corner
Ward No. 9, Baraiyarhat, Bangladesh

Dal Puri : The common street food
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hmmmm.... very tasty