Vegetable Pakora: The taste of afternoon and evening



There are a lots of food which are very much prepared with vegetable. Here in Bangladesh, you will find food with vegetable which is cheap compared to others which are made of non-veg.


In afternoon and evening meal, you will really like this vegetable items. Three vegetabel items can be seen in the picture which i have taken from the nearby restaurant. I along with my two friends went there. Actually we regularly go there for your snacks, meal etc.


The three items are-

    1. Vegetable Pakora: This is very simple. Slice different kinds of vegetables and mixed them with atta. Then just fried to make it tasty.
    1. Potato Chap: This is another simple item to make. Just boiled the potato, then mixed with onion, veson, garlic, green pepper etc and fried.
    1. Beguli: This is basically bringal fry with the mixture of veson.


We have enjoyed a lot. Costing is around 1.5 USD for three of us. We took it delicious with tomato sauce ( which is also a vegetable sauce). So all veg but the best taste. Most of the people here, like this food very much.

Thanks for stopping by.

Restaurant Information

new spicy garden
Old Dhaka-Chittagong Hwy, Zorargonj, Bangladesh

Vegetable Pakora: The taste of afternoon and evening
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I love vegetable pakora or say Alu Chop with Muri


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