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Has anyone ever tried the things you baked yourself? I often eat here, today there is a takeaway contest for small places like this to review for everyone. In fact, the skewers are many, but they come here first, when I order, they will be baked on the charcoal stove (really feel better)


But this is the important part. Grilled skewers meat 3k / skewers hit the skewers still crave.


Because the skewers are spicy, marinated and eaten with skewers and meat (I don't eat fat) but the skewers here eat very well, in general they don't know anything. There are pickles to eat with meat and skewers. There are also skewers of bread.

Hanoi weather like this, if you are in Hanoi go try them now.

Address : Nearest Ho Trieu Khuc, Trieu Khuc, Tan Trieu, Thanh Tri, Hanoi, Vietnam

Restaurant Information

TakeAway Ho Trieu Khuc
Hồ Triều Khúc, Triều Khúc, Tân Triều, Thanh Trì, Hà Nội, Vietnam

TakeAway I Choice
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I speak English pretty badly, I'll try, thank you

Here in my place, we called it Luk Luk. Very famous and quite cheap too.

One day, if I'm in Hanoi, I will definitely try those.


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Looks very delicious but sadly I couldn't understand your English very well :(

Luk Luk... Yes, I suggest you may ask your friend or someone to help you check and edit your article before you post. Yummy photos taken. 😋

It looks tasty!