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For those who like baked goods marinated in Chinese style or who want to try new tastes. The shop outside the entrance is quite small, so it often goes through without noticing. After being guided by my friends to eat, I know that this is a familiar place for those who have studied and worked in China, because cooking is quite standard Chinese.


🔜 The restaurant has both grilling and hotpot, but specializing in more grilling, the menu is quite rich. Having fish porridge is also quite good


🔜 Deep-fried marinated skewers, eat well, not too spicy, so people who don't eat, chili don't worry. With both skewers, you can try all the dishes in a little dish without worrying too much and like eating a barbecue.


🔜 I personally like baked potatoes, eggplant stuffed with grilled meats and grilled perch, so you should try them because they are very delicious.
🔜💥💥 Important is the very affordable price. I have an upload with a price list. Very cheap :)). The whole grilled tilapia has 60k :)). 3-4 people go out to eat for about 500k of alcohol too‼ ️



Trừ Minus points: The shop is a bit old, not much investment in facilities. However, compared to price and food, it is also acceptable.

In general it is suitable for cold days like this, and sometimes when you get bored of hotpot and stuff.

Address: Xóm nướng - Chinese cuisine
32B Hao Nam (opposite the Music School)

Restaurant Information

Xom Nuong Trung Hoa
32 Hào Nam, Chợ Dừa, Đống Đa, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Food Chinese style
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I have a poor grammar because I am not a foreigner, but when I translate it back into Vietnamese I still understand its meaning.


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