Restaurant i choice <3



Nice to meet you again in my hobby. What's interesting today?

This is a restaurant about Vietnamese cuisine


First impression is very large space and minimalist style. Mostly gray look combined gently but luxuriously. My favorite point is the paintings hanging on the wall. Look very artistic. In addition, the have their own distance, respect for privacy. This point I really like. The restaurant has Vietnamese guests, but most are foreigners.


In terms of food, I didn't expect it at first because I found it in the menu just like my usual dishes. BUT when it comes to enjoying it, it's really delicious


Services: Food is fast, frugal. I am most impressed with the dishes. I really like the various sauces here. The right sauce is the soul of all dishes!

The menu of drinks is also varied and delicious.

Summary: Chusa is a right choice for a beautiful day with family
Beautiful place
Delicious food
Friendly employee
Will definitely come back many times!

Restaurant Information

Chusa - Vietnamese Cuisine
22 Ấu Triệu, Hàng Trống, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Restaurant i choice <3
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Vietnam cuisine is nice and hope you enjoyed the food. thanks

taken nicely. I enjoyed your review. Straightforward and good quality content. Mmm... What are the names of your food that you ordered?🤔🤔🤔

I can sense that English language is not your first language. It's better to put the title as "Restaurant Of My Choice" or "Restaurant I Chose".😊😊😊

When the title is "Restaurant I Choice".... I thought the restaurant's names was I-Choice Restaurant. 😅