Liberty noodle in a cold Canada Day for me and bosom friend

2년 전


Back home, ramen was my comfort food. So after five months of travelling this beautiful country and with the howling winter wind nibbling your bones my friend and I heed to urban eatery in Eaton Centre to have this Japanese ramen at Liberty noodles for as little as 10.95without tax yet per serving


They claim its made fresh daily and I must say I believe it to be true.See our happy faces for evidence.


On a serious tone, the broth wasn't too spicy or salty. The ramen doesn't taste sour or look mushy. The green leafy vegetables were crisp. The meat wasn't tough or undercooked.In short, it was commensurate to its selling price considering it was a large serving and with mushrooms, seaweeds and eggs in it too.Descently served I guarantee. Not the best I had by far but comparable to many ramen I had in Philippines

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