The Fragrance And Enjoyment Of Classic Style Of Aceh Food

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Some people choose places to eat and drink coffee, which is right depending on the taste of the coffee and the comfort of the place. and also choose a place where food and drinks are cheap and also of good quality. Well, for that one, if you are in Sigli, Aceh. You have to know about Cafe and at the same time this restaurant, Kedai Polem.



Because I like coffee and also love the culinary taste of a place and also while working on writing several articles on my blog. Sometimes, if I'm in my hometown, I often come here to work while enjoying a coffee mix and feel the typical food in this place.


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Kedai Polem is Cafe Restaurant located in the city of Sigli, Aceh, Indonesia. With classic decorations, spacious and cool spaces are specially designed beautifully but commodity prices are very cheap.
It is suitable for all ages from students to adults.


This is a very good Coffee shop and restaurant, giving a pleasant feeling to customers, with a modern classical style room and bringing customers to the past. A nice place with the luxurious design but the price is very cheap, I'm sure you will like Kedai Polem after stopping here.



Restaurant Information

Kedai Kopi Polem
Jalan Keunire No.6, Keuniree, Pidie, Kota Sigli, Aceh 24111, Indonesia

The Fragrance And Enjoyment Of Classic Style Of Aceh Food
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