Starbucks Coffee - Weekly of me

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I often go to this starbucks, in general I like to go stabucks on q1 more because the fun with more bustle. This car is located in front of the house. The space is spacious enough. Staff friendly friendly, also very cute, do not understand why your friend hit a few days hard staff not. I call:

  • Java chip: This drink is quite good, coffee is my favorite, but afraid of insomnia should ask for coffee decaf. With the sweetened again hehe.
  • Cake: the cake is sold by purchase, the one you choose is coffee, the food is sweet, but the type of starbucks that sell is slightly sweet, so you consider it.

Restaurant Information

Starbucks Coffee
Phan Xích Long, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam

Starbucks Coffee - Weekly of me
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