Beer La Vong

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There is a fresh beer address that the Hanoverian man can not ignore each time they gather to eat with friends, it is the world of La Vong beer. As the name implies, this place is indeed a kingdom dedicated to believers who love this drink.

Step into the world restaurant La Vong means you have lost in an extremely powerful space and personality, space "standard men", "drinking beer" extremely interesting!

All tables and chairs, as well as the walls and bars of the restaurant are made of wood that is very shiny brown and very strong, which is to confirm the true level of beer enthusiasts. Not only that, for each drink of the diners more interesting and memorable, in La Bau La World also regularly performs special art programs such as fire dance, belly dance, magic, ...


Restaurant Information

Beer La Vong
Hanoi, Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi, Vietnam

Beer La Vong
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