Fresh seafood and fresh beer

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Can not compare seafood La Vong with a good pub, the more can not be considered here is Hanoi beer only, because only the "Capital City restaurants" fit the space and elegant. beautiful splendor that La Vong Group has long been established here. With a large area of over 3000 m2, spacious car park, diverse menu, restaurant always deserve the ideal destination for customers.
Although not very famous for drinks as well as fresh beer, seafood restaurant La Vong still love customers thanks to the freshness of fresh seafood, used with fresh beer. Tasting a delicious meal, drink a sip of beer that you will feel extremely refreshing, extremely enjoy! Come to the restaurant and feel, you will definitely feel the same!

Restaurant Information

Fresh seafood and fresh beer
865 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA

Fresh seafood and fresh beer
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