Celebrating life!


“Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together.”

– Woodrow T. Wilson


Last evening, me and my buddy decided to go to our favorite watering hole to celebrate life and the good news I got from the dermatologist. I do not have skin cancer! I had been neglecting going to the dermatologist out of fear for a spot I've had on my neck for about 5 months. Call it stupidity or fear, for numerous members of my family have developed some form of skin cancer. But nonetheless, no cancer! Just an infection that meds will be able to hopefully rid of it.


We both got one of the best beers they have, the Matte Black Lager, a black lager brewed with coffee, giving it a nutty aftertaste and finish. Even better, all month they have been only $2 a can, which is dang good for a microbrew.

Brew hub in Lakeland is such a wonderful place, with an amazing selection. And also a great atmosphere to celebrate life and friendship!


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