Vinh Tinh Restaurant - Restaurant serving food.



Hi everybody! Today I will recommend to everyone a restaurant where I and your friends often come to lunch here. That is Vinh Tinh restaurant.

The restaurant is located at the entrance to Thai Nguyen University of Information Technology.
Specialties: Roasted chicken with salt, stir-fried vegetable, rice, soup, fish, chicken, fried chicken, meat ..
Suitable for: Lunch, dinner, event, birthday party, family party and other private party ...
Space: Spacious, airy and very clean.

Vinh Tinh Restaurant brings to you a unique experience by the freshness of the ingredients, the smooth combination of spices and natural herbs to bring high nutritional value, ensuring the frugality in each. dish. Diners coming to the restaurant will have the opportunity to enjoy a rich menu with more than 30 dishes full of identity.

Coming to Vinh Tinh restaurant, guests will experience pork made with pureed pork meat and chopped mint and lime juice, not sugar, spicy. Pork in Vinh Tinh restaurant is as simple as the peace of the people here in life. Lean meat is mixed with heart, liver and spices such as lime juice, galangal, lemongrass, chilli peppers and do not forget a little bit of audiophile makes the ear piece but still retain the freshness.

Each meal is $ 1 per person. There are many delicious dishes here for you to choose from. Come to Vinh Tinh restaurant to enjoy lunch with your friends.
Address: Thai Nguyen University of Information and Communication Technology.

Restaurant Information

Vinh Tinh Restaurant
Đường Z 115, Quyết Thắng, Thành phố Thái Nguyên, Thái Nguyên 250000, Vietnam

Vinh Tinh Restaurant - Restaurant serving food.
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