Tea with my friend in holiday.

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On holiday after no activity Me and my friends often meet and talk in the drink shop. Which is a place to rest and find something to eat outside In which Thailand will have hot weather and many people often come out to sit at the drink shop. Drink shops that I and my friends come regularly have coffee House name.


The design of the shop is vintage. Unique and different from other stores.


For this menu is called Thai tea.


For this menu is called green tea.


Coffee house is a beverage shop that is not very big. But is unique in the design of the store. Drinks are delicious and inexpensive.

Restaurant Information

Coffee House in Buriram
130 หมู่ 7 ถนนนางรอง-ลำปลายมาศ บ้านสิงห์ นางรอง Chang Wat Buri Ram 31110, Thailand

Tea with my friend in holiday.
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i like how they serve them in a cup with a huge covering, making sure not to spill anything out!


Thank you for your comment. The product is part of the purchasing decision.


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Look the fact they incorporate the element of rustic and modern look ... such the Roof Zink !!! what a touch on that !!! superbbbb

I like vintage and rustic cafe. Its the vibes!