Gran Caffe' - La Delizia



Gran Caffe' - La Delizia

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Hello friends,
the other night I was walking with my wife and my sister-in-law for the center of my city, Potenza.

My sister-in-law wanted to eat a cake and so we decided to stop at the "Gran Caffe' - La Delizia".

IMG_20191101_163723.jpgPhoto of the author - "Gran Caffe' - La Delizia (Potenza)"

Gran Caffe' - La Delizia is a pastry shop, an ice cream shop and a coffee shop.

We bought three miniature pastries: a cassata, a cream-filled cannolo and a fruit tart

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I chose the cassata which was really delicious.

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As you can see from the receipt (following photo), each pastry costs € 0.60

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My opinion

The staff is very friendly and the pastries are delicious.
I will certainly return to try other desserts in this place.

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Restaurant Information

Gran Caffe' - La Delizia
Piazza Mario Pagano, 85100 Potenza PZ, Italy

Gran Caffe' - La Delizia
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Oh my God.... Che delizie!

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That look delicious! Thanks for sharing this with us!

Quasi che mi perdevo queste delizie. I cannoli sono davvero invitanti. Mi hai fatto venire voglia di dolci 😁😁

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