Iro Izakaya, Berlin Friedrichshain- Eating Like God In Japan

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Hello dear Tasteemians,

Japanese Food At Its Best

Today I would like to show a real good Japanese restaurant in Berlin- Friedrichshain.


Iro Izakaya is located in Kroosner-Street 19 and it has an awesome lunch time offer. Here you will find no Sushi as they are spezialized on hot Japanese dishes.


As eating alone is very boring our dear steemian @charles-d has accompanied me.


Usually the restaurant is at noon time very empty but that depends on the day. In the evening hours I would like to suggest to make a reservation.


We are at least two times per week here and the quality of the food is everytime more then awesome.


Two fresh Tiger from the barrel. In my opinion the best Tiger beer which you can get in Berlin. Always sparkling and cold as ice.


If you take the lunch time offer, as an appetizer you will get a Miso soup too. The best Miso soup which I have ever tasted. With a lot of fresh vegetablles and Tofu inside. It makes a very pleasant stomach.


If you are very hungry I can recommend the first lunch time offer. Fried chicken with rice and salad. This portion is huge.



The salmon with a mixed vegetable and fruits salad is served with rice and Japanese Mayoinesse. It is a real fitness booster.



Conclusion: I have been here more then 30 times and that restaurant is a no brainer. Finest food and the service is amazing. If you are located in Berlin or you are here on a travel you should give that place a try.
The prices are very moderate and so there is something for every purse. The fried chicken plus soup is available for 8 Euro and the salmon for 9 Euro.
The most expensive dish on the menu is under 12 euros.
I wanted to show you the vegetarian lunch variant but unfortunately my smartphone fell on the ground yesterday. There will be an update for sure.

Thumps Up for Iro Izakaya

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Restaurant Information

Iro Izakaya
Krossener Str. 19, 10245 Berlin, Germany

Iro Izakaya, Berlin Friedrichshain- Eating Like God In Japan
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Great job excellent food


Thank you very much :-)


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Much appreciated. Thank you very much.

I like this foods. Its look really delicious.


Thank you very much :-)

Interior decoration very beautiful and food also yummy and delicious. Thanks for represent.

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Welcome. Thanks for stepping by.

Sieht super lecker aus.. Und veggie! 🌱👌😊👍


Nicht komplett Veggie aber die Veggie Essen die es gibt sind auch der Hammer.

Auch wieder geil..... :-)


Danke dir mein Lieber :-)

Glad to see you recently join with @tasteem. These Japanese restaurant really awesome place for take meals with more freedom. Well decorated also. Lights so awesome. Selected foods seems more fresh and delicious. Brilliant captures in Berlin.

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I have missed the oppurtunity from @tasteem too long.
Glad that you like my contribution.
Thank you very much.


Exactly... I know you had great experience of visited various restaurants and photo clicks. However finally you came right way.

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Awesome. Thank you very much :-)

Its quite a delicate and elegant place to eat

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That has been really motivating . Much appreciated.
Thank you very much.

Looks delicious. I have not heard of that beer before. How can I eat there @lichtblick? We don't have one here in Davenport, IA


The Tiger beer is from Singapur and is really delicious.
If you visit Berlin give my a note and we will eat there together.
Thank you.

Fried chicken with rice and salad looks very tasty
Thanks for sharing

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I love your photos! Thanks for sharing this beautiful review with us