Brewed beers of cucumber with attractive incentives on 02/09

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Brewed beers of cucumber with attractive incentives on 02/09
DRINK BEAUTIFUL BEAUTY FRESH at home without any help!
⚡ Do you want to have fresh beer but do not have time to go to restaurants, bars, clubs?
⚡ Want to drink beer at home, just save money and have fun?
⚡ Are you a fan of Czech draft beer, or simply want to find a new flavor, fresh and delicious Czech flavor in Vietnam?
⚡ What is your favorite beer?
Then you will not be missed CHEB BEER !!!
High quality fresh brewed beer prepared by the leading expert in Czech cooking with esoteric formula.
⚡ Fast delivery.
⚡ Free delivery to Ha Noi city.

From 26/8 to 26/26/2016, with each purchase order Cheb Bier 2 liter bombs, including a Gold Bomb (Gold Beer) and a Black Bomb (Black Beer), customers are immediately donated 1 Voucher. valued at 100.000V for use at restaurants at the Royal Global Restaurant! So on:
⚡ Buy 2 Gold Bombs + 2 Black Bombs you get 2 Vouchers right away
⚡ Buy 3 Gold Bombs + 3 Black Bombs you get 3 Vouchers right away
Voucher can be used to pay for the purchase later or directly on the invoice of this purchase if you wish! Too great, right?!
What are you waiting for? Come on INBOX for us or HOTLINE: 098 198 6060 to order & get the fastest !!!

Restaurant Information

Vouchers right away
222 Hyde St, San Francisco, CA 94102, USA

Brewed beers of cucumber with attractive incentives on 02/09
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