Rice Flour noodle at Ay-Chung, Ximen, Taiwan

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If you have ever visit Taiwan, this is one place to head to eat and try out the rice flour noodle at Ay-Chung, Ximen in Taiwan.

Recently, I went to Taiwan for a week and have been to many places to eat and most of the places are takeaways.

This is their shop. Every thing is prepared on the spot and everyone queues up and wait for their noodles after they pay for it. Then you have to get a number and wait for your noodles.


The noodle makers. I am not sure if they could be considered chefs or not.


I tried taking a picture of this noodle cup and not sure why it kept blurring out and instead focused on the background instead. That is how convienience this cup of noodle is. Everyone who orders here eats beside.


The Rice flour noodle. It is pretty sticky due to the glutinous nature and a bit spicy but it definitely taste great.

Reviewing Ay-Chung rice flour noodles, Taiwan

Restaurant Information

Ay-Chung Rice flour noodle stall, Ximen, Taiwan
No. 8-1號, Emei St, Wanhua District, Taipei City, Taiwan 108

Rice Flour noodle at Ay-Chung, Ximen, Taiwan
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