ICE BLENDED OREO COFFEE at T & D, Pujut, Miri, Malaysia

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A great way to start the day is with a cup of coffee. It is always hot here in Miri, Malaysia so a good cup of cold ice blended coffee would make my day great. I am LuueeTang and today I am reviewing a place that is simple yet awesome.

T&D beverages


Simple layout with the clean and white decor. There are some artificial vines that surround the bottom half of the counter where the drinks are made.


The place fits just enough for a few tables but that is all you need for a place to have a chat with your friend. That is my wife ordering their signature


There are many different types of food that is locally developed and I think some are never heard of in other parts of the world. Peculiar yet delicious.


My wife sitting there posing while we waited for our drink. That is their beautiful picture of a beverage cup with some bobba inside.


They make their coffee from fresh beans which is something of a plus when you want to drink coffee. Many places have beans that are already ground.


Ice blended Oreo coffee

Simply delicious. The amount of ice was reduced to reduce the brain freeze level. It has a good mixture of ice, coffee and those chunky oreo bits that you can bite on where you sip of its straw while hidden below are bobbas waiting for you to chew on them.

This is a definite good place to have a quite drink when you are tired and would like to have a sit. Enjoy the time and chat.

Reviewing T&D Miri

Restaurant Information

T&D Miri, Malaysia
Everwin Food Court, Jalan Pujut 7, Lutong, 98000, Sarawak, Malaysia

ICE BLENDED OREO COFFEE at T & D, Pujut, Miri, Malaysia
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