Hot breakfast at Yonghe Chinese Type breakfast shop, Taiwan

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When I was in Taiwan, one of the places that my wife and I was excited to visit for breakfast is at Yonghe Chinese Type breakfast shop. The main thing here is the hot soy milk drinks.


The singboard of the shop is not big so it tastes a bit of gps locating to find this cafe. It is not big inside but is not too small and just comfortable enough to sit.


This is the beautiful wall with all their food items displayed. Taiwanese have a really unique way to display their art. All over the city, there are loads of beautiful artworks.


Their menu
My wife who reads chinese made the order for us.


This is where the lady grills the eggs and others.


The dumplings

These dumpling are something to try when we visit this place. It is to be eaten hot and when you bite on it, the liquid comes out of the dumplings giving that extra taste.


The different soy milk
One is salted. It's something really rare to find in Malaysia for soy milk to be salty but the restaurant has a great way of blending it to make it taste good. The weather in Taiwan is usually cold in February so it is good to try something hot during this time.

This is a place that you should visit if you ever visit Taiwan.


Restaurant Information

Yonghe Chinese Type breakfast shop, Taiwan
No. 2號, Weishui Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 10491

Hot breakfast at Yonghe Chinese Type breakfast shop, Taiwan
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