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Most people from my neck of the woods are not huge burger fans but we do love a barbecue. However living abroad makes you chase anything that looks remotely like a meal from home. That’s what drew me to SoulWood. I dropped in, got his biggest jerk chicken burger, fries , rice and peas and of course drinks.

This is the jerk chicken burger - by Japanese standards , this is huge. It comes with some veggies.

Hidden in plain view near the Nakazakicho subway station exit number 1 is SoulWood Grill and Bar. I’ve seen them on InstaG and followed. Their pictures were always appealing to the optical. The presentation seemed on point and vibe Irie. I said , “Must take a visit.”

So I did! The owner and operator Aki-san (not be confused with Ackee) has been running this place for about 8 years. I asked him why he decided to open a Jamaican restaurant to which he replied
“I love Jamaican music , food and peoples as a result I’ve been to Jamaica many times.” So what’s up with the name soul wood , I wondered. To this he said soul refers to the music , food and service he wishes to serve up and provide to his customers.



The food was great , especially the rice and peas. The jerk chicken was done on a stove and as a purist , I can appreciate the effort. The burger was wonderful. The beef was succulent and the amount of veggies perfectly balanced. In japan this is a monster burger. I had a couple whiskey and coke - perfect to wash down the spice. I’m glad I came and will be coming again for the soul.


The restaurant is small and cozy and the background music is to live for. Perfect to kick back and relax. As a bass player and occasional Dj Aki knows the right tunes to draw for the right occasion- I felt the soul.



I took a seat on the balcony while the soothing sounds of reggae , ska and rocksteady took my mind back to wonderful Sunday evenings I enjoyed every week with my family.




The establishment is open everyday except Sundays (unless Monday is a holiday ) from 6:30 pm to 3:00am. Hopefully the chicken will be cooked on pimento wood too to add a bit more Jamaican soul to the food! Soul Wood!






Restaurant Information

SoulWood Grill & Bar
Nakazakinishi, Kita Ward, Osaka, 530-0015, Japan

SoulWood Grill & Bar
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At last, some food with a good taste!
Great review, and SoulWood sounds excellent, good combination of delicious food, music, drinks. Your pictures are sumptuous, I want to go there myself! It's a long time since I've seen ginger wine, perfect for winter warmers :)

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Thanks for passing through . Especially good tasting rice and peas . I enjoyed the food, drinks and place.

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Awesome photos and great tasteem review..


Thank you 🙏.

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Burger looks very tasty.
Nice place and good review.
Thanks for sharing.


Thank you 🙏 and thank you for stopping by.

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Osaka got some nice Jamaica style spots man. You took some nice pics man.

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Yes mi boss- trying to find more and drop a review on them. Food and music for the win.

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Great review, been to Osaka once perhaps in that mall and never noticed the place, not that I would have went for anything other than Japanese there.

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🙏 Probably wasn’t this area that you stopped by as this is not in the heart of the city and a lot of places look alike. Thanks for stopping by.

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Great review, the place looks amazing. The food and decorations are a good match for the owners vision. Delicious


Thank you - good food and very relaxing and homely environment. Thank you for taking the time to drop a comment.


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