Local Dishes Fried Noodle

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This is not a regular fried noodle, local people normal known this as "Chow Kuew Teow"
Chow Kuew Teow is Cantonese language, it mean fried noodle

This kind of food is very common in chinese restaurant food stall.
During the order, there are 2 options of spicy and noddle type.
Most of the people here prefer spicy thus, definitely will be spicy.


But this stall is little different, normally doesn't supply with spoon, not sure why he gave to me.
Anyway, the noodle it look delicious and is a little spicy


Inside the noodle contains prawn, bean sprout, fist paste, egg, noodle and off course chilli
This noodle only cost MYR7.00 which relatively cheap and delicious too, definitely worth it

Annotation 2019-08-18 185957.png

This is picture of the front shop

Restaurant Information

Restoran Wong Soon Kee
1, Jalan SS 14/1, Ss 14, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Local Dishes Fried Noodle
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