Food: Egg Tart of Dessert

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This is a regular chinese restaurat which normally doesn't with dessert, however today their new menu comes in food.... Egg Tart.

Whenver egg tart it comes, definately can't resist, is a MUST order dessert.


Upon the food arrive to my table, I still can feel the heat of it. It looks like they just heat it up, this definitely will add some point.

20180320_133528 - Copy.jpg

As you can see the size is normal size compare to others tart, the skin of tart is thick enough which add another point (some people prefer thinner skin)


The first bite of this is yummy, never though is so cruncy and the egg smell is so strong and ya, still hot

This cost about RM2.20 which relatively reasonable having inside the restaurant. Definately will come back again

Restaurant Information

Good Taste Restaurant 金记好好食云吞面
G, 4730, 64, Jalan SS 2/3, SS 2, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Food: Egg Tart of Dessert
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