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Soucre Wallpaper

❤️ Plus points:

  • New, clean, beautiful form, cute siu, live virtual like tui nè :)
  • Friendly staff, the boss is friendly. I eat out and run out to ask me to eat mouth? Please give me your opinion. We have not been corrected yet. Baby too 😍
  • I like the vegetables here, because she is green - clean - beautiful. Nghe advertising is taking Dalat salad so new leaves so beautiful. I feel like that. Eat fresh.


  • Crispy crisps and sour dishes are like other bars should be free to comment. Here use noodles, not vermicelli as standard, Nha Trang.
  • To Nem baked: Really nem very fragrant, thick rolls soft enough enough thick intestines are not empty as the side Trinh Thi Ngoc Lu.
  • Scented sauce, onions and minced meat in it. Generally have something to chew :))


🔅General bite after the package wrapped rolls rolls are all harmonious taste, oh my very 🤣


Menu: Click Soucre


30000 VND / Person

☔️Delete points:

  • Go slowly
  • The cake is used to roll a little tough but I heard his friend say that eating in Nha Trang standard is to use that type, but if you do not like the restaurant has more k. But it must be consistent.
  • The sauce, the spirit of this dish: It is slightly dense so the dot is not very penetrating. Expect to dilute the dots for ease.

Recall: If you crave nem grilled Nha Trang, then I would definitely choose this restaurant. Not say the second word 😍😍😍

Restaurant Information

Nem Nuong Co Ba
170 Trường Thi, P. Lam Sơn, Thành phố Thanh Hóa, Thanh Hoá, Vietnam

Restaurant I Choice
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