Banh Mi Co Long

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Soucre Wallpaper: Link

Restaurant located in 29 Nguyen Chi Thanh, (this area is 29 but the restaurant is located at the end of the chain should find new forever)
Feeling initially clean, cool, he managed enthusiasm.


I called two full wheat bread pan 30000VND
Pan here, using cast iron pan cow, rumble when brought to the table, smell was fragrant nose, hungry bellies


Have eaten BMC in many places but here do not touch the goods, do not use industrial chain as the usual restaurant but meat, chips and chips. Grilled, I see little ordinary but the fragrant meat, sausages, I like, to call again add 1 small plate.

Feast delicious, eat the sauce you can call it, delicious in the sauce. Pate delicious, follow the style of communication. Delicious donuts.



Soucre Menu: Link

Generally priced at 30000VND but quality like this, I like the belly

Already and will come back many times

Restaurant Information

Banh mi Co Long
29 Nguyễn Chí Thanh, Ngọc Khánh, Ba Đình, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Banh Mi Co Long
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