Sushi Que Anh

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At first I like the space of warm cozy cozy hostess


Second is the food to say is delicious, especially curry fish and some types of rice rolls, drinks are special, there are ginseng cooling and home-made soy puree makes you drink more glasses half




_Third is cheap for students and students because about $ 4 is 2 people eaten full stomach

_The fourth location is easy to find because of the embankment near the alley cake cake home
Briefly I scored 8/10 because of delicious food, nice shops, but inconvenient in the place
It is suitable for groups to gather groups ....

Restaurant Information

Que Anh Sushi
19 Mạc Thiên Tích, Xuân Khánh, Ninh Kiều, Cần Thơ, Vietnam

Sushi Que Anh
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Your post contains false information. The pictures and the menu and food are from different places. The description of your review dose not match the pictures.

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