Coffee from foodlovers , Chandiargh University , India



I love to have a break for coffe or Tea . Well I don't have coffee or Tea regularly but only for sometime.
Inside my college Campus there is a restaurant which is known for iits best Coffee . The name of the restaurant is "Foodlovers" and is realy for the food lovers and especially coffee lovers like me .

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They make the coffee of the real coffee beans from the kerla other places in india like Darjeeling . I don't know the method of their making but it tastes like a charm . They cost rs 25 for a regular coffee and for other 40 to 60 rupees. I only take Regular one . The other meals are also fine but the taste of the coffee is amazing. Going alone or with friends and have coffee with them make feel much better. This canteen is located under the Chandigarh University campus which is in punjab , India.

Restaurant Information

Food lovers
NH-95, Ludhiana - Chandigarh State Hwy, Punjab 140413, India

Coffee from foodlovers , Chandiargh University , India
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Nice mugs so colorful

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Thanks :)


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Thanks for sharing.

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