Cake "Lawyer" at "Shtuka" cafe

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What are delicious desserts for you? This is a moment of happiness, enjoyment! There are people who love gourmet desserts above all else. And I am exactly the kind of person! I know all the best cafes in my city of Lviv that offer real, natural strudel with apples and poppy seeds, cakes, and cakes that are baked with the best natural ingredients.
And if it's still in the mix with beautiful live music and art - this is truly a paradise for body and soul!
And today I will show you the cafe "Shtuka" that in Polish means art.


The cafe is located in the old Polish house, where the atmosphere of the times of ancient Poland is preserved and recreated, while the famous strudel was baked in Lviv during the reign it!


As soon as you get here, you see old things and furniture, and on the counter you see gorgeous assorted fruit cakes and chocolate, for every taste, that satisfy the most demanding gourmets.


Today classical music is played here, and you can always choose your favorite one on the weekends.


And today I choose apple strudel for myself and cake "Lawyer" for my husband who is a lawyer)


Complementing our pleasure is the exhibition of paintings that is always present here.


And of course the old washbasin in the toilet!


Hope I could pass on my pleasure for you?
Thank you for your visit!

Restaurant Information

Kotliarska St, 8, L'viv, L'vivs'ka oblast, Ukraine, 79000

Cake "Lawyer" at "Shtuka" cafe
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