Enjoy food on Sabang seafront

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The time we left Casanemo rained pretty heavily. Lucky hujanturun not too long although the weather is rather cloudy. Bang Muklis is a good, friendly, helpful, and informative person. He is a native Sabang and knows about Sabang. He has many stories about Sabang and like Bang Edi, I asked about the experience during the Aceh Tsunami. During Tsunami time, he was again in Banda Aceh with his friends. Indeed not yet dying, back then he was around the Great Mosque Baiturrahman. As soon as the water rose he was again in the car straight down and up to the Grand Mosque. Denger stories about the Tsunami again I cringed. I do not really imagine the fury.

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Restaurant is sane
Sabang, Sabang City, Aceh, Indonesia

Enjoy food on Sabang seafront
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