Cheap @ Fabulous With Tom Yum Noodle 🍜

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Hello my dear friends

Last summer I went to Buriram to visit my parents and also spend my holidays there with my sons too. Just about once or twice a year that I had the chance to visit them because now I live in the northern part of Thailand which is very far from Buriram.

One day me and my parents went to the city for visiting my uncle and after that we’re kind of hungry so we’ve stopped at a noodle restaurant beside the road for lunch.

Nakornsawun Noodle by J’ Pon


This restaurant looks like it is here for a very long time, but I’ve never been here before. The place has decorated with the old stuffs like, toys, mini models every where, looks like a treasure place for kids and even to adults too.



Nice and clean place, tables and chairs made simple from woods and steals but they are nicely blend in.



There were customers walked in quite often, this restaurant must be great. The aroma of the soup makes me feel very hungry.

The Menu


This is the list of noodle choices and also have some other foods too. Rice topping with various choices of foods.


The drinks menu, mainly from herbs drinks, coffee, tea, soda, water and also beer🍺

My Noodle


We designed to order the same kind of noodle, Tom Yum Noodle is a noodle in spicy Thai soup, very hot and tasty, I like the taste very much and one big bowl was quite a lot for me, no more space for any desserts. 50 ฿. Per dish was very cheap (about 32฿/1$) but the amount and especially the taste was Fabulous!!!


It’s strange sometimes that Thai people who lives in the hot weather, like to eat hot soup, with the hot chili 🌶 Me too. 🔥😋

More Information ℹ️

  • Open Daily 6:30-15:00

  • No parking area, just park the car beside the road in front of the restaurant.

  • ☎️ 081-718-0581


Now I have to finish my review of my favorite restaurant about “Cheap and Fabulous? Totally Possible” for today, thank you @tasteem and all my friends for your support. I hope you guys like my review and looking forward to see my next post.




Restaurant Information

Nakornsawun Noodle by J’ Pon
Nai Mueang, Mueang Buri Ram District, Buri Ram 31000, Thailand

Cheap @ Fabulous With Tom Yum Noodle 🍜
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Wow!! It looks so good. เดี๋ยวต้องไปจัดบ้างแล้ว

Nice decorated restaurant, your noodle looks very hot 🥵 🌶🌶🌶

Awesome review and what a very interesting decor in that place. They must be collecting all the items on display for years and years. I know about Thai food being very spicy, and I need to ask then to tone it down for me, lol.

🎁❤️Wowee!!! 🎁❤️Wonderful post. 🌟🌟🌟This is a great place! 👏👏👏I think I will love the TOMYUM !!!

What a lovely looking shop and the food sounds so cheap! Thank you for sharing this with us



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