Cheap & Fabulous Noodle 🍲 in Chiangmai



Hi Everyone

Today I would like to introduce you guys to my favorite “Cheap & Fabulous” Noodle shop in Mae Rim, Chiangmai. This place has opened not long ago, my son ate here before and he really likes it and recommended me to try some noodle here, so here I am.

“Tom’ s Noodle”




Was the name of it. Just right beside the road, it looks very dusty from outside and it didn’t look interesting to me at all. I came here because my son confirmed that it was so good. But when I walked in, it was not a bad restaurant at all. Big space and quite clean actually, tables and chairs setup nice and tidy. It quite busy at noon and there were customers in and out intermittently.




The Menu

Just a A4 size of menu list, not so many kind of noodle to choose though. It served in regular size 30 ฿. and mini size 15 ฿. We decided to take the mini bowl because it looks more fun and I wondered how many mini bowl would filled my stomach.


My Noodle 🍲 15 ฿.


It was very delicious, I didn’t expect that it will be this good. It came in a small bowl and when we got the first we have to ordered the next one immediately for a great continued eating. The soup was very tasty but a bit spicy too, if you don’t eat spicy you have to tell them when ordered.
We’ve ate 3 bowls of noodle for each of us 😋👍


Free bean sprouts and vegetables.


Pork skin Cracklings, 10 ฿. Delicious 😋

This Noodle Restaurant is now become one of my favorite. If you guys traveling to Chiangmai don’t forget to stop by at the “Tom’s Noodle” on Chotana Rd. Mae Rim.



YUMMY 😋 I love it. His face really guarantee the quality of food. 😆

More Information

  • Opening time 8:00-16:00

  • Good family with kids

  • Car Park available

  • ☎️ 093-194-9576

Now I have to finish my review of my favorite restaurant about “Cheap and Fabulous? Totally Possible!” for today, thank you @tasteem and all my friends for your support. I hope you guys like my review and looking forward to see my next post.




Restaurant Information

Tom’s Noodle
Rim Tai, Mae Rim District, Chiang Mai 50180, Thailand

Cheap & Fabulous Noodle 🍲 in Chiangmai
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The good one. :) Your son is really looks happy in the place.

Great review. Thanks for sharing with Tasteem.


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ถูกและอร่อยด้วยค่ะ น้องเล็ก 😋 ปกติ 2 ถ้วยก็พอดีค่ะแต่สำหรับครอบครัวนี้ ต้องคนละ 3 ถ้วย555

That's true his face showed it all! It really looks like he's enjoying. THanks for sharing this review with us


You have to see his size too 😆


Hahaha, I bet its because you feed him a lot of good food

I lived in Thailand near Udon Thani and remember well the incredible cheap food. We even had local restaurant with similar architecture but not so busy! I love the idea of getting several small bowls. Good for you to take your son's advice. You might find it hard to find something expensive up there!


Actually there are a lot of expensive restaurants around here 😁 I am lucky to find a cheap and fabulous one. 😋 thank you for reading my review.


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เรื่องกินเรื่องใหญ่ค่ะ 😋

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What a healthy food. Great place and great review.