Pasta @ Love Bread🥖 Café And Bistro

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Hello everyone

“Long Time No See” is the words I have to say to you guys. My life had been a bit busy from the last month because it was the summer holiday for kids, so we have traveling around to many places.
Yes, because of my trip from place to place, then I have a nice restaurant to introduce to you guys today.

Love Bread🥖 Café And Bistro


I found this restaurant while I went to HuaHin beach with my family. First day we had arrived we had to clean up our condo room to be ready to stay for a week and after all the work done we were very hungry and looking for a place near our condo for dinner. Then we found this restaurant, it was just about opposite of the V. I. P. Condominiums where we stayed. Just about 10 kilometers before you reach HuaHin.



Free herbs water self-service. Great 👍



The restaurant decorated with modern style, bricks wall painted in white with different design of tables and chairs make it comfortable and cozy. Especially for the sofas set but we thought it wasn’t ok for having dinner, then we took the wood table at the corner.





Love Bread is like a heaven for breads and patisseries lovers like me but this time we were here for dinner, forget about those lovely bakeries🥯 I will come back to check it out later haha.

I had no chance to take the photos of the menu. This restaurant not only had bread but it also has many different kind of foods, Thai and Western foods. well, let’s take a look at our meals.

The Pasta 🍝


Pasta with tomatoes sauce, served with a piece of garlic bread. Lovely 😋 it was really delicious and very tasty. The pasta was well cooked and the sauce was perfect. It was actually for my son but I love it too.

Club Sandwich 🥪


It was not the pizza though, I have to look after the weights for my sons, so he has ordered club sandwich instead.
It was very delicious as you can see in the photo.

Shrimp paste Rice


Served with salted eggs, fry pork and vegetables. This Thai dish was for me, it’s not thing to do with pasta 🍝 or pizza 🍕but I just want to show you my dinner as well HaHa 😆 YUMMY 😋 as always!!!

Chicken Sandwich


This one for my husband, great Baguette makes delicious sandwiches.

We really enjoyed our dinner that day, great meal makes a simply dinner special. I love “Love Bread“ and highly recommended you guys to visit this restaurant and having a special moment like us.
This restaurant is suitable for family with kids, a group of friends or you can have even a quiet moment for cake with a cup of coffee ☕️


It was reasonably priced and very good service by the very kind owner and friendly staffs.

More information

  • Open Daily from 7:00-17:00

  • Car Parking available.

  • ☎️ 062-359-4993

Now I have to finish my review of my favorite restaurant about “Pasta vs Pizza” for today, thank you @tasteem and all my friends for your support. I hope you guys like my review and looking forward to see my next post.




Restaurant Information

Love Bread Café and Bistro
Cha-am, Cha-am District, Phetchaburi 76120, Thailand

Pasta @ Love Bread🥖 Café And Bistro
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Welcome back & wonderful post. Love your description and photos of the cafe. The rice dish would be my pick too hahaha


Thank you very much 😊 I can eat all kind of foods but Thai food always my best choices 😁

The pasta looks delicious, but the chicken sandwich looks good too.


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Thank you 😊

Wow the food look amazing! Love the bread decorations


Next time I will try some of their bread and patisseries choices, they look delicious too.

nice pasta! it 's so yummy!


Yes, it’s not only looks nice but it’s very delicious too.

Everything looks good and the photos are clean, good job!


Thank you 😊

Look great! Amazing review ❤️


Thank you ka 😊

น่ากินมากๆๆๆๆ น้าเปิ้ล 😋😁🤤🌸☘️



the food looks great. thanks for sharing


They were very delicious too. Thank you 😊


I can imagine. also, the cafe looks really cool and modern

Everything you ordered looked soo good. THanks for sharing this and Have a great day!


They were very delicious, we enjoyed them so much, thank you 😊

I love the place and the pasta looks so delicious!

I love the place, it seems very cozy and comfy.