Late Night Cravings!


All must have gone through late night cravings. Do you guys fetch your cravings or ignore it?
I have an amazing recipe under my sleeves, For sure it is very very very easy and mouthwatering. Here's for the very first time I am throwing a tutorial on late night craving's basic and healthy sandwich!
Get yourself drenched with ingredients-

  1. Bread
  2. corns
  3. capsicum
  4. carrots* If you like it. as they are healthy.
  5. sandwich spread or any sauce or ketchup of your choice.
  6. cheese slice
    That's it!

Now add add the ingredients into bread slice and put it into sandwich griller.
and after few minutes, here's the result-
andddd delicious.....

I hope this first ever blog on cooking will be liked by everyone of you and always open for suggestions.

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Tale tomato ketchup. Add garlic, oregano, salt and other spices and keep it for like half and hour and add it to your sandwich. You will start feeling the taste of a pizza. This is what I do at home. Just a suggestion in case you love pizzas.

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Thank you for your suggestion, I will surely try it next time :)

This is a really good idea. I think you could chop up just whatever and throw it in there with sauce and cheese and it would end up being just dandy. I had to look up what capsicum is.. haha.

I think i will buy a sandwich griller when I move to Vietnam to help me out as i learn the local cuisine.


Ya, sandwich griller is a must, buy it have have delicious sandwich at ease of home, and yes here's how capsicum looks like, i found the image through google-

It is delicious indeed.
by the way thanks for your attention and all the best for vietnam, hope you get settled there.


i know what it is I just haven't heard the word used in a while because it isn't used much in Thai food. I realize that only North America refers to this as green peppers :)


Hahah! okay alright:)

That's the first time I've got a recipe for sandwiches, thanks for this.


Anytime:) by the way they are delicious and easy to make too. thank you for your attention!