THANH BINH Seafood Restaurant Sam Son

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Thanh Binh Seafood Restaurant is located in Bai D - Ho Xuan Huong road, main road near Sam Son beach. Being one of the most delicious restaurants in the city, millions of tourists come to enjoy the delicious fresh seafood of Sam Son beach.

Thanh Binh Seafood owns a great gastronomy space under the romantic light of the wind and the cool air of the sea. Coming to Thanh Binh Seafood, customers can enjoy the unique, creative and bold features. Among them, the most impressive and impressive are the culinary designs of the finest dishes made from fresh seafood combined with the talented hands of experienced chefs who will bring to visitors. The dishes are full of flavor - flavor and characteristic only at Thanh Binh Seafood Restaurant.



With a wide variety of dishes and a perfect combination of premium spices, fresh ingredients and important hand-made ingredients, excellent cooking will make you unforgettable. forget. Menu of up to 100 dishes, will certainly bring you the richest experience to help your trip more perfect.

Address: Bai D - Ho Xuan Huong - Sam Son Road


Restaurant Information

THANH BINH Seafood Restaurant Sam Son
Trung Sơn, Sầm Sơn, Thanh Hoá, Vietnam

THANH BINH Seafood Restaurant Sam Son
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