A glass of cold juice and sunset at Moonlite Kitchen and Bar



Isn't a great idea to watch the sunset while having a cold drink? That's what I did in Seminyak on Moonlite Kitchen and Bar located on a roof top of a hotel.

Seminyak is very very popular tourist destination, many tourists come to this place for shopping, trying restaurants or bars. It was just before six I arrived at Moonlite Kitchen and Bar. To get to the bar, located on the rooftop, I had to take the lift. It's on the fourth floor.

gyhms6.jpg The signage of Moonlite Kitchen and Bar.

6uqc2v.jpg This lady was taking me to my table.

Our table (me and a friend) was on one of the corner. From there, I could see almost the entire restaurant, the beach, a swimming pool belong to a hotel on lower floor, and the traffic below.

brcd1x.jpg The inner side of the bar.

byy4ku.jpg A waiter was bringing glasses of water, yes, they were free if you dine here.

hqtpk2.jpg Some guests enjoyed their drinks.

e34ij2.jpg The sun behind the glass roof.

5c9ma9.jpg View of Seminyak beach below.

l9pdst.jpg A swimming pool downstairs.

Sitting on the chair, looking at the west sky, I could see the sun was getting down. There were a lot of people on the beach enjoying their time and waiting for the sun set. And while waiting for sun set, I ordered a mango juice.

thwssa.jpg Cold mango juice and fried potatoes were great combination to wait for the sunset.

srvzxv.jpg A plum was tucked at the top of the glass making it look pretty.
ro1bct.jpg Sunset is cold mango juice.

It was a great idea, just to sit down, chill out and had some drink while waiting for sunset on top of the roof. That's the whole idea.

l8vrqr.jpg And I just followed everybody's style on taking photo with the sunset.
eyi3g0.jpg The sun was setting behind the cloud, it was not a perfect sunset, but still had great time.

I must say it was really great to be on the Moonlite Kitchen and Bar during this afternoon. Watching the sunset, the beach, the sky while chilling out having a dream was really fun.

As the sun went down, the traffic in the street in Seminyak became worse and worse. There were more cars and motorbikes on the street.

gjj4ia.jpg The traffic was getting worse.

But we were already prepared for this bad traffic. And this was our escape... vespa!!!

o9o25n.jpg Vespa ride.

Restaurant Information

Moonlite Kitchen And Bar
Jl. Abimanyu (Dhyana Pura), Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia

A glass of cold juice and sunset at Moonlite Kitchen and Bar
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Time for chill out!

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What an amazing view and place!!

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Yes, indeed! Ignore the bad traffic, just enjoy the view. Thanks for dropping by.



beautifull view
Thanks for sharing


Thanks for visiting. Have a great day to you.

What an amazing view! I would just go there to relax haha. Thanks for sharing this with us

it is nice drink