Sea Food Dinner at Jimbaran Bay, Bali



About a week ago, I traveled to Jimbaran, Bali. On an evening I went to Jimbaran Beach, in South Bali. This beach was very lively in the evening, there were many tables set up on the beach. And people had dinner while enjoying the night view of the sea, and the stars in the sky.

There was not just one restaurant, but along the beach of Jimbaran were many of restaurants serving grill fish, prawn, mussels, and calamari in Bali style. After all, this place is not far from Kedonganan Fish Market, So, mostly the restaurant source their fish from the Kedonganan Market

From the parking area by the main street, I walked to a little road by the side of the beach. There were some restaurants along this road. I could see the names of restaurants listed on a board just in the beginning of the road.

the board.jpg There were quite a number of restaurant in this road and their names were written in this board.

the path.jpg The road was narrow, only motorcycles and pedestrians were there.

I walked few meters and finally arrived in Bayang Cafe. The staff welcomed us (I was there with some clients) and asked where we would like to sit.

the resto sign.jpg The Bayang Cafe Restaurant sign was the one in green.

The main building of the restaurant had tables as well, but more people have their dinner on the sand in the beach. There were hundreds of tables set up on the beach. We chose a table on the beach.

main resto.jpg Entering the main restaurant building, many of the tables were moved to the beach, guests preferred to have dinner outside.

The evening felt quite relaxing. It was nice weather when I was there. The sea was calm, the wave was just low. Hundreds of lights could be seen along the beach as far as I could see. Those were lights from restaurants along the beach.
The night was bright that I could see the sky and the clouds above.

tables03.jpg As we got there, there were already many guests in the beach.

tables and beach 02.jpg The tables, the lights, and the horizon.

lamp.jpg The table light made a different atmosphere.

I ordered mango juice and sea food package. Now the mango in season that it is easy to for the restaurant to serve mango juice. There are also other drink available like orange juice, lime juice, papaya, and water melon juice. Coffee, tea, beer and wine were also listed on the drink menu.

mango juice.jpg Toward the end of the year, it's easy to get mango in Bali, so I could order mango season.

There were a group of singers with guitars, flute, and drums who walked from one table to another table entertaining the guests. They sang songs based on the guests request, or they just sing their own song.

Twenty minutes later, one waiter come with our order. We had three packets of sea food.
I had grilled fish, calamari, mussels, prawn and a lobster. With these grill sea food, the waiter also brought three different sambal or sauce placed in small plates. They were garlic and salt sambal, tomato sambal, and raw sliced shallot sambal.

soup.jpg For the starter, I got a vegetable soup.

seafood plate01.jpg A plate of sea food consists of grilled fish, mussel, calamari and prawn.

seafood plate 03.jpg Practising my macro photo on the sea food plate.

lobster.jpg Grilled fresh lobster.

kangkung.jpg Plecing Kangkung, sometimes called water spinach, mixed with Balinese seasoning containing tomato and a little bit chili.

We also had the plecing kangkung or steamed vegetables with Balinese style mixed seasoning.

For the next drink (since my mango juice was gone already) I just chose lemon beer. I don't really drink beer, but 2 percent alcohol drink, I was all right.

Along with those, the waiter brought a basket of steamed rice. So, the table was almost full, it was a challenge to put them all on the table. But it did not matter, we enjoyed our dinner.

Since I am Balinese, i am familiar with the taste of the sambals. So, I quite enjoy the dinner. My favorite was grilled prawn, and grilled lobster. Then I also must say that I like the rest as well. Only the thing that I did not eat a lot was the mussels, I was not used to it.

Choosing a sea food package, because we can eat many varieties of sea food. It also cost cheaper. But then there would be something that you don't like from the package. If you think, you know what you don't like, you can talk to the waiter to remove the one you don't like.

Overall, I enjoyed the meal, and the atmosphere in eating out in the beach of Jimbaran. If you ever travel to Jimbaran, Bali, you can go to this beach to have your dinner.

tables beach.jpg Guests were enjoying their sea food dinner.

Restaurant Information

Bayang Cafe
Jalan Pamelisan Agung Jimbaran Beach, Jimbaran, Kec. Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia

Sea Food Dinner at Jimbaran Bay, Bali
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Beautiful atmosphere ... eating near the sea makes everything more beautiful.
Thanks for sharing


Thank you. Yes, the view is great and the atmosphere is relax and calm. Thanks for dropping by.

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Nice place!


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