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I love this place, is a mini cafe where you can enjoy delicious desserts, fast food, ice cream and serve some spectacular healthy drinks. I really loved the opportunity I had to get to know the site and find out that one of the partners, and of course the owner of the place, is the son of a friend.



This time a friend and I went out with our children to celebrate with them their promotion to another school year; I really loved the cream of ice cream, I thought it was super rich, I also want to point out that they make their own ice cream cream and that the name of the coffee is because the owners are native of the city of Boconó, these Andean lands that are majestic for their mountains and the quality of their people.


This beautiful and small place also has in its decoration some signs with words allusive to values and positive messages which results in a relaxing atmosphere and full of peace. I thank you for your kind and kind attention and especially with the children.


I was really hooked on the site!


Restaurant Information

Guanare 3350, Portuguesa, Venezuela

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Thank you very much... it's my first experience here and I hope I've met the required conditions. Sweet greetings!

That is awesome you connected with the shop owner!!


Yes, it was incredible to see that he was the son of a friend and I really admire his commitment and his family business is charming, and the friendliness of the people who belong to the Andean area of my country is indisputable. Thank you very much for your emotion-filled comment. Sweet greetings!

It is your first review but it is also a good review. Thanks for sharing