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Hi Lovely Tasteemers,

Tasteem new update is here and we love it 🧡

Ready for the start in to year 2019 🎉

The questions we all have in our mind is, what is a new update and how does works?

What‘s new?

  • The contest rules are visible at your submission. You don’t have to read the contest announcement and try to remember all the rules anymore.


  • Share post function , you can directly share a post to Steemit , Facebook or Twitter.


  • Reward for active users. Active Tasteem users will be the one who benefit the most from the new scoring system. In the future (after the upcoming update) The active users will receive a better reward.


And here is the point system

  • Sign in : 10 P (max. 1 per day)
  • Write a post : 30 P (max. 1 per day)
  • Comment : 2 P (max. 10 per day)
  • Share post: 5 P (max. 2 per day)


Hopefully you will enjoy the new update. See you soon at Tasteem.

@siamcat ❤️

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Excellent update, @siamcat

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Thank you for your feedback 😸

Wow! Brilliant Idea!!

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Yes, indeed 😸

Great! Now it is more transparent for others to try to win the contest!

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Yes, I like the idea too. 😸

greetings, charming and dear Siamcat

Great news about the tasteem update that will happen next year.
I was left with a doubt. To gain those points of the score when commenting or giving subtract in the post, is it necessary to be logged in to tasteem.io or can this be done through the steemit platform?

Thank you and good night!


Only at tasteem.io , but you can edit your post at steemit page 😸

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