Leo Doc Restaurant - Milk tea and snacks. [meeting place with friends].

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Located in the outskirts of Gia Lai province in Vietnam. Leo Doc restaurant serves snacks and especially milk tea. This is the ideal place to meet friends and make sure it will ensure customer satisfaction.

Leo Doc is always crowded, with reasonable seating arrangement, beautiful bar decoration is very beautiful. With milk tea and fruit tea menu, listening to the name is quite strange but quite interesting, ice cream is the most delicious, slightly salty, glazed, crispy white pearls, light sweet. With a unique taste, quality here, many people like Leo Doc and often come here.

Milk tea in price price of restaurant is 1 USD / 1 cup of milk tea.
You can order many pearls or conditions for a bottle of tea for $ 0.2.
Pizza ........ 3 USD / 1 piece.
Hamberger cake ...... 2.5 USD / 1 piece.u
And there are many other snacks for you to choose from.

The restaurant creates a warm atmosphere.
Besides the space, the restaurant also makes customers happy thanks to the gentle, polite and attentive service of the staff. Perhaps so, the restaurant becomes an interesting meeting point for family meals, meeting friends.

Restaurant Information

Leo Doc Restaurant
Ia Tôr, Chư Prông, Gia Lai, Vietnam

Leo Doc Restaurant - Milk tea and snacks. [meeting place with friends].
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The place looks good from outside and inside.