French Fries, Street Food Style

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Hello foodies,

Welcome to another food blog today. I am a very big fan of foods and when it comes to street foods it bring backs so many goof memories to cheers. So come with me today and I will show you a food tour of an evening.

There are not many people that can be found who does not like potatoes and french fries is one of them. It is a very well known dish and precisely liked by people of all age.


So there was a food card which was preparing this item and there were other otems as well. But I preferred to have this one as I was craving for it at that moment.


So the vendor started to make the French fries and it was being fried in deep oil and it took some time to have it ! The wait was not that great as I was feeling hungry at that moment for this item lol


But at the end, I had them and it was quite delicious as proably he spread some kind of masala on top of the frnd fries in the plate. It was tasty to have .

So in price it was cheap it cost me around 20 TAKA per plate (I took 2 plates) which is equal to half USD (2 plates). Not so much but this sort of food is not at all healthy. But having them once in a while is good I think !!

Restaurant Information

Food Cart
Shahjalal Upashahar, Sylhet, Bangladesh

French Fries, Street Food Style
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my favorite potato finger chips

You got me craving for it. Thanks for sharing this with us

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