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Foodies how are you all?

I have not been posting that much lately as I have been little busy with my lofe. Even after that I am collecting contents so that I can be regular out in here.

So today I am here with a restaurat that I sometimes visit due to it's food and the cheap rate of them attracts a lot of customers.

This item is known as Kimapuri. It has Dal inside of it and taste really nice. Along with some sauce or salads it tastes even more delicious. The price of it is 5 Taka per piece.

Image 3.jpg

This item is knwn as dalpuri. One of the most liked item as evening snacks among youngters. Due to the price of it, it is affordable and the taste is also good regarding the price.

Image 1.jpg

I ordered the dalpuri and kima puri. As I can not have much of these as I was already had my lunch at that time and I was full.

Image 4.jpg

It was ok as a snacks and as it was in a cheap rate, it was perfect for a snacks.

Restaurant Information

Ma Restaurant
Sylhet District, Bangladesh

Evening Snakz
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