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Dear Tasteemers,

There has been an account theft incident on multiple tasteem accounts on 25th of May. Please refer to this post for details of this incident.

A couple of hours ago, team Tasteem has recovered all of our stolen accounts and stopped powerdowns for the ones that have initiated them. The recovered accounts are as following.

The team is currently working on giving out missed upvotes on Tasteem posts and reward transfers to contest winners that should have been done during the system breakdown. This job will be completed within a few hours from the time this announcement is posted. Also, the new round of Tasteem contest will re-open tomorrow(Wednesday, KST).

Our team has won all the accounts back, but we weren't able to reclaim lost STEEM and SBD. The detail of the lost amount is as following.

  • 6,708 STEEM
  • 3,916 SBD

Learning from this incident, our team will be enhancing our safety measures even more and avoid repeating the same tragedy in the future.

We're sorry for all the fuss and thanks to all our users who supported the team during the trouble.

Special thanks to

@someguy123 from anonsteem
@birdinc from steemit.com

for your support during the process of recovery. :)

In the meaning of compensating the failure, Tasteem will be giving out higher upvotes to every review posted by Tasteemers. The upvote weight will be even higher than that of regular Diamond rank user and will be applied no matter which rank you were at before. This event will begin with tomorrow's contest and last until June 3rd 11am(KST).

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Great news, can you please say something about how the accounts were stolen and how you recovered them so others can learn from this tragic incidents?


One of our office laptops has been compromised last week during a business trip in a foreign country, this is how the keys were stolen. Was not a doing of an insider. We were able to recover them using account recovery system from steemit.com and anonsteem.


How was the laptop compromised do you think? hotel wifi? Stolen during Airport security? Why was your key left on a laptop anyway without extra encryption? If you had the keys in Steem keychain, they would have needed a password to get into your laptop also, how could someone even KNOW you guys had Steem keys? In a foreign country? Was it like a Heist?

Which country was it and was it a hotel? Airport? Can you tell us so we can be on alert in these areas of the world if cyber crypto thieves with a specialty in Steem are present?

Good to have you back on! It would have been sad to see tasteem fall off...

You are great, have shown full responsibility. Errors that can happen to everyone. And you take care of it again quickly. This is a very elegant moral form. You have succeeded in restoring trust even though you have experienced a large amount of lost Steem and SBD. I am sure God will replace it with multiples.
Hopefully in the future there will be more victories, prosperous and recurring accidents like this.
GBU, @tasteem
Warm regard from Indonesia

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Great news of the day!

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Hope you caught the villain that did this. It must have been one of the keyholders, and surely there cant be so many?

Great to see you back, I have several reviews awaiting submission!

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Awesome news and great job from everyone involved. 👍

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Seems like huge loss ~ $6666. 🙄

This is good news. Tasteem has been very helpful to legit food bloggers and reviewers out there. I am glad you have this solved. All the best to your team.

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Grest news! I'm Happy for all tasteemers!

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Such a great new!!!

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Welcome back

Ohhh so this was the issue.. I thought there was something wrong in my account that I could nor longer see all the contests being run.

Though i feel sad for the loss! Well for me it was huge!! I could not imagine why some people would actually steal them. Its such a shame, I hope you find the culprit.

Great to have you back guys! And kudos for getting all the accounts back!

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Fantastic to have you back.

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Damnnnnn, very sorry to hear about those lost funds :/

I'm glad to hear the project is rebounding from this incident!

Luckily you have a big pool of active users so things will be all good in the end (:

Sorry to hear that :/

Glad to have you back.

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Oh my. Good thing everything seems to be ironed out. Thanks for your unending support to food lovers here in steemit. More power to you!